The Sounds of MSG in the Year (2012) Video´s like >> "The Year Without rain, Marvel Wars, What we Are (2012) and Break Even Point was only Demo Version´s of Song´s & Video´s, it was create with an Ipad2, to promote my own Music and my first Idea´s. So now (2013) i work with much, much... better technical Stuff!! I had learn a lot of Features in one Year about Music-Production, sometimes i had think - gone crazy !! So i looking now, for some creative Arist´s, for new Music-Project´s, mabey to create some Live Sound, Studiowork, Soundtracks etc. I will set the Benchmark "NOW" HIGHER !!!!!!!!!!


>>Based in German (FFM) Hillstreet (Strata Montana) Mikel Hansel (vocal´s &- rhythm & lead- guitar, songwriter, bass-guitar, recording, producer/videos, remixer). ///////////// Album GALAXY- INFECTION ☢ (2013) & Single Album Smell like a Supermodel in ☢ 21.12.12 ☢ XXXXXContact me: